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when every stroll is a walk of shame

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Website:kissing pillows, breathing gin
Silly Billy. Obsessed with words. Attracted to the shiny. Defender of leggings. A delightful mixture of prude/floozy. Talkative. Stubborn. Brainy. Cynical. And easily amused. Curses like a sailor. Fond of dark-haired boys who haul their guitars around. Or just boys in general. Bargain hunter. Domestically challenged. Loyal as fuck. And a ranty lefty. Be warned

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a bout de souffle, abfab, ankle boots, anything shiny, astrid lindgren, at the drive-in, autumn, bad hair, bargains, barât!minding, being a shameless fool, books, buyingthingstomakemefeelbettercositreallyworks, cair paravel, camping-in-your-own-garden, campy decor, carnivale, chandeliers, cheesy horror flicks, concerts, converse, crafty stuff, cryptic-messages-you-will-never-get, daniil kharms, desperately seeking susan, dirty pretty things, diy, emmy the great, fake mustaches, feminism, fetal-position-on-the-couch, folk, freaks and geeks, freewriting, futurama, general spazzing, george pringle, ghey!pie, gin in teacups, guilty pleasures, inappropriate perving, indie/garage/punk/rock, jack the ripper, jailbaitomg!, jazz hands, jewellery, john ajvide lindqvist, kat flint, lengthy late-night conversations, let-the-right-one-in, lying-on-the-floor-with-headphones-on-at-4am, lyrics, making out, male hipbones, midgets avec unnecessary!circumflexes intheirnames, modesty blaise, most things inappropriate, mumford, music, my little pony, my so-called life, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, nick´s hips, nostalgia, note books, old musicals, peggy sue, pete neon, philip pullman, plastic hearts, poetry, polkadots, pony up!, pretty girls make graves, puzzles, qotsa, radio birdman, ranting, reading, rock n roll wolf, rubbishness, scarves, schadenfreude, secrets, simen johan, singing loudly & off-key, solving life's mysteries, stories, stripes, sunglasses, tabs pushed down, tegan and sara, the faint, the fay wrays, the golden girls, the libertines, the mighty boosh, the office, the pusjkins, the sound of typewriters, the wizard of oz, thrifting, tim burton, trash, truths and lies, turbonegro, twin peaks, victorian london, view masters, wallowing in other´s misery, writing, your brother
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